Emulating Persona 3 FES
Hello, I recently encountered problems with this game.

I could play it for a while, and had no problems using the default settings, it ran at about 50-60 fps.

The thing is, I have an integrated graphics card (Geforce 7XXX), and therefore I ran into a problem when facing the floor 14 boss, whose model is bigger than other monsters. The game dropped to 15 fps.

I solved this problem by switching to software mode in the video plugin. However, this causes the attack animations to slow down, so it takes pretty long to get by a turn.

I was hoping for a middle ground, and I toyed quite a bit with the emulation/video options to no avail.

The only video plugin supported by my computer, from the ones that come with the download package, is the SSE2. The others appear incompatible. And I can only choose D3D 9, sadly.

I'm aware that I need to get an actual card. However, I was wondering if there was a workaround for this, since the rest of the game runs just fine. It would suck if every boss fight was like this.

Just in case, here are my specs, aside from the card:

AMD Athlon II X2 250 Processor 3.00 GHz
RAM: 4 GB (2GB available due to x86)

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Integrated cards suck (from experience), see if you can get a GeForce 650 or so, with 3D11. You'll get a huge speed boost.
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The best thing you can go to get through bosses like that with your integrated graphics is to put the resolution to custom and make the res even lower than native. 256x256 is the lowest you can get it to go. It'll definitely look terrible but will give you an FPS boost to finish the boss. Afterwards, you can restore the resolution to what you're comfortable with using.
That was quite an useful workaround! I think I'm actually gonna keep an smaller custom for improved performance.
don't worry about that though, so far I'm playing (I'm almost in July) it's nearly the only boss that gave a slowdown and that even happened with my hardware. I had to put it back to native to get passed it. You will notice that you'll have the same problem with the golden hands (Treasure Hands or Wealth Hands) those produce also slowdowns.

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