Emulation Problems
Hey Guys,
I have a problem with running PCXS2 on my computer. My computer should be strong enough to actually run games. Atleast that's what I understood from reading the config guide. I am trying to run Final Fantasy X-2 from my CD (My controller is broken, trying to run it on a PC because of that).
My DxDiag's export file looks like this: Link

Sorry for the following information to be german, I couldn't find a way to change the language in PCXS2.

My PCSX2 Plugins can be found here: Link

My Core Settings are here:
EE/IOP: Link
VUs: Link
GS: Link
GS window: Link
Speedhacks: Link
Game Fixes are turned off.

My CD should be fine and those settings are somewhat the least. While I walk normally through the game, I have about 45-50 FPS with lagging Audio. In battles however I only get 15-30 and that bothers me.

If there is any information I could give, still, let me know and I will see if I can add it.
Thank you in advance. Smile

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Advance VU cycle stealing, try one step, if not enough try two steps right. Keep automatic game fix on (see the edit bellow).

Disable MTVU it will do only harm on a dual core CPU.

Make an ISO from the DVD and run the game from it. Is advisable using a program called imgburn to create the image.

I think this game still has problems with hardware mode at the video cutscenes, you may want to have the emulator falling back to software mode (that can be done at the gamefixes tab) or hitting F9 to toggle the modes.

Those changes above should be enough to get you constant 50 FPS with some slowdown on the cutscenes due to the software mode but the game becomes playable. Good luck.

Edit: The automatic game fixes to be turned on is an option found at the GUI "System" menu (not the box on the respective game fixes window). That option is already On by default and may be already active if was not changed before.

The automatic fallback to software mode while playing cutscenes is a specific option for that specific game at the gamefixes window.

Unless recommended otherwise, all other fixes there must be kept unticked. The automatic game fixes will apply them as needed depending on specific game demands.
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Thanks, that really helped, I didn't understand that MTVU is only for 3+ Cores, I checked the Config guide again and realized my mistake.
You can close this now, if you want. Smile
Actually it might even help dual cores but mainly it won't, so give it a try with each game and see for yourself Wink
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