Emulation settings problem
When I open the emulation settings I can't see the window. I can see that it's open because it shows up on the taskbar, but any attempt to actually get to it doesn't work. I can minimize and restore it and when I restore it I can see that it goes left off the screen. I'm on windows 8 if that means anything.
Anyone have any idea that might help?

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Either delete your PCSX2_ui.ini or open it, find this line:
and change what x,y is for you to something visible on your screen(top left corner would be 0,0)
I was thinking it was some ini somewhere.
However, when I change it and open the settings it changed it back to what it was (which was -822,226). I actually changed and saved in notepad++ and opened the settings and notepad++ informed me that another program edited it. I ended up hooking up another monitor and found the dumb window. So I guess it's all good now. Thanks for the help

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