Emulator Not Finding Roms. erom1 &erom2 Not Found?
Recently, I've discovered the wonderful world of play station emulating and have been bringing my my favourite old old PS1 games back to life well on the computer.

However, I tried the PSCX emulator to emulate Guitar Hero II (inorite? why would you even bother with this? well it's the only ps2 game at my house right now! *sadface*), and it tells me that erom's are not found. Could that be the file-type? As it is in the form of a .mdf file as opposed to a '.elf' file or a '.iso' file.

I noticed this question was rasied before while I was google-ing away for a sollution however the asker had breached the terms of service of the forum.


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You should read the guide before asking questions. Anyway the emulator can work without those bios part files too.
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