Emulator Presets
I've always been annoyed about not being able to save individual settings for certain games seeing as some of them require lots of tweaks in order to get up and running properly, reapplying every single setting gets tedious pretty fast. I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a feature which could allow users to save their entire current emulator settings as a whole separate preset, which could be then loaded from a dropdown menu or something.

PS: Could I be removed from the translators group? Sorry but I never had any real time to work on this.

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That would be a nice feature to have. Maybe something like what Dolphin has. Load up a folder that has ISOs, and then you can just right-click the games and choose settings from there.

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This discussion happened many times in the past. There are some launchers which could apply different settings per game. You'll have to dig them up though.
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