Emulator Problems!?
I am having trouble getting the emulator to function properly on my laptop! I get either sound and no video, video and sound while really slow (4 - 12 FPS), or sound and no video and excellent speed with minimal glitches. I do have the Speed Hacks disabled because they caused glitches and caused the emulator to slow down all the time, no matter what. Any ideas on how to fix this or if it will even run fast enough to play games on my laptop??

Thanks Smile Biggrin

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nice avatar... almost looks like the one of another forum member...

probably you have to post the emulog and and your game.

Your specs are those?
Processor (CPU): Intel Core Duo T2250 @ 1.73GHz (1.73GHz)
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That sounds bad. Would not expect to see anything smoothly running on this system...
I do not know who that user is (Stickboy), but I saw the titles and I am sorry that those and probably you, since you are thinking that I am the same person as whoever the other person was/is, had to deal with that! I did not click on it, was not really interested in it but it looked like they might not have followed the rules or read the rules or something for a title like that. Anyways, I am Scott Squibbles and I have not been on here yet! And, yeah it is an older computer. I also have a Windows 7 Desktop Computer, but I am not sure of the Specs. of that computer. Windows 7 Pro, I think!? It was a cheap refurbished computer. I have been using an outdated version of PCSX2. I currently use 1.0.0. Should I update to 1.2.1? I looked for a log to see what the changes were, but could not find and change log or anything! I also thought that I saw somewhere that laptops would not run the emulator very well, correct?
Dupe confirmed.
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