Emulator Settings
Can somebody please help me with my emulator setting? I am trying to play kingdom hearts 1 and it keep wanting to drop down to about 40 fps in some parts.

I have a dell xps w/
intel® core™2 duo cpu T8300 @2.4ghz
4 gb ram
nvidia geforce 8600 gt graphics card

i'm a bit of a noob at this so any help would be great

or just let me know if im doomed by pc requirements.

Thank you.

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ur CPU is kinda low, try this
Config>Video(GS)>Plugin Settings>NATIVE
Emulation settings>Clamping Mode>NONE (for both Windows)
SpeedHacks> Enable Them Top Left Of Window> Put them on the Middle Level for both, Check all boxes(except fast CDDVD)
then Make your game an ISO. (other threads). thats about all you can do, besides getting a better computer, and make sure
you have 0.9.8 Beta.
(OS:Win7_64bit ULTIMATE) (M4a88TD-M asus mobo)
[Processor:AMD AthlonII x4 645 3.720ghz(OC)Quadcore]
VideoCard-[ATIradeon5750(OC) 850mhz 2GB
RAM-[DDR3-4GB Matched RAM w/ Heat Spreaders]HYperX BLU
cpu-cooler- H60 closed loop water cooling.
not a bug report... moved...
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Definite run on native. A higher res could cause the occasional slowdown, and it sounds like you'd like to avoid them at all cost. I'd hesitate to tell you your GPU could rightfully do better than native res. Consistantly, that is.

Being a noob: Instead of getting real hands-on with the Emulation Settings right away, I suggest you check out the Preset slider on the bottom of it's window. Give "Balanced" or "Aggressive" a try first, and resort to "Aggressive plus" if you must. You could also give "Most Harmful" a try if all else fails to satisfy, but it's name says it all...
Oh humanity, sometime ago I posted a thread named "If you call yourself a noob chances are you are one" or something like this.

In few words, it's something like:

Newb or newbie: a person who is beginning in something, normally know little but is expected to improve quickly.

noob or n00b: a person who might be or might not be a beginner in something but will never improve and securely will parasite everybody forever...

The purpose of such thread was only to be informative and bring out "how and why" the n00b slang was coined and on the hope people learn to avoid calling someone else (or him/herself) by the strongly pejorative term when only wishing to say newbie.

PS: again this post is not directed to anyone in particular.
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"Will Parasite everybody forever." Laugh
Sometimes, I really get a kick out of your posts, nosisab. Smile

To me, the Preset is targeting the "noobs" as per your definition. I, personally, know some people that are just overwhelmed by "all those settings!" and will never understand how to use them (mostly due to their refusal to believe they could do it). The Preset settings will help a lot of people, IMO.

Not that I've immediately deemed you (08hemsju) a "noob" as nosisab has defined, just because I suggested the Preset to you. In actuallity, you could learn a good example of how and what settings to change manually just by watching what changes when you move the Preset slider. It obviously doesn't cover everything, but provides a good base to go from. It is hands-down better than just jumping in there changing settings by guessing. Wink
Actually i think the presets are targeted to newbies... to n00bs I know nothing enough to overcome their n00bness Smile

If we think carefully, the amount of tweaks needed to be understood and done in less powerful machines to play many games with PCSX2 can be overwhelming to the newbie... just he/she will learn the quirks quickly where the n00b will never (or "it" would not be a n00b in fact).
Imagination is where we are truly real

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