Emulator and Plugin Settings for my Laptop?
Hello, I am quite new to using PCSX2. From the research I've done, PCSX2 CAN be successfully run on low-end PCs or laptops. Is there a series of configurations that can help achieve a stable 50-60 FPS on low-end PCs/laptops?

My laptop contains the following:

Windows Edition: Windows 8
Processor: AMD A10-4600M APU with Radeon™ HD graphics 2.30 GHz
(I know recommended is roughly 2.7 GHz)
Installed memory (RAM): 8.00 GB (7.47 GB usable)
System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

If there's any further specs needed, let me know. I've tried different renderers. I've messed with the D3D Internal resolution like Native resolution, 2x Native, 256x256 resolution. It seems like the 256x256 Custom resolution worked at 55-60 FPS the first time but the graphics were terrible. So I tried other settings and tried 256 again but once the game got more active, the FPS dropped in half. Keep in mind that the game I'm testing with is GTA San Andreas. Could the large scale of the game have to do with this? (As in no loading screens for new locations)

Thanks for any help!

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Quote:From the research I've done, PCSX2 CAN be successfully run on low-end PCs or laptops.
but it doesn't mean it can run at playable speeds. Games will boot, but they will be slow.
From what I know, GTA games are quite demanding.
Anfd your machine won't be power ful enough to handle it. Sorry
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As jesalvein said , your sig is not upto par. But you can try this :-

put ee to 2 or try with ee and vu both to 2.
Then goto video plugin and untick 8 bit textures and use native resolution. Now, goto sound plugin and tick disable effact,and use supervu recompliyer legecy. NoW HERE YOU SEE LITTLE INCREMENT IN fps. Maybe playable but dont expect miracle with this.
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Thank you guys for the helpful responses! I figured GTA San Andreas was a demanding game for performance. But that's good, because now I know the less demanding games should work a bit better.
The game is not that intensive. Your processor is weak. But you will get playeble speed even with that 2.3 ghz. Only put ee and vu both to 2 . Or use saki's guide.

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