Emulator not working at all?
Oh, well where do I start? The Emulator isn't working at all for me.

It's been some time but now I have finally gotten a new enough computer that it can actually use the emulator. So I check everything in he "check" box and it says it is working. The graphic card is good and I've even got the latest DirectX.

So... it asks me for BIOS. Sure no problem I have a BIOS.
Then it says "error opening cdvd plugins".
I can click past this but then it starts talking about MME1 and MME2 even though I have these two as well.

okay version 0.096 was a bust then.

So I try 0.097 instead.

but now it can find the GS plugin file. Sad

I've followed the instruction videos and tutorials but they do nothing to help me.

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Have you configured the path to plugins and bios? In config --> plugin/bios selector.
did you follow this : http://pcsx2.net/guide.php
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