Emulator only runs in native resolution
I have downloaded 0.9.8 official release and have all the required files needed to run. When I insert my Persona 4 disc into my computer I tell it to boot from the disc via the plugin.

I have set my GSDX Hardware (both 9 and 10)to run at 1400x900, which I have done in previous games such as Final Fantasy X and it ran perfectly.

However, no matter which game I try the screen is extremely pixelated! When I put it in full screen, as if it was stuck in native resolution but worse.

Here's a picture of the video when I run the emulator:

Is there something I'm missing? That's not 720p, it almost looks as if was 440p! I read other threads, I keep reading how it says it's a different resolution... but here it's clearly in native.

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put a checkbox in the filtering box instead of a square.

though the style of this game pretty much dictates you will get pixel stretching instead of smoothing.
I don't think you get how native looks. Here are 3 pics: 1st is native, second is the resolution you use 1400x900 (which is not so much of an upscale, about 2x native for persona) and a third one at 1920x1080. Of course upscaling won't work on the 2D parts (the dialogue 'bubbles') of the game, as Squall said above that can only be improved by filtering and not that much. The 3D models are what you should be looking at.



[Image: newsig.jpg]
You can't upscale textures which are already rendered at their limits. If it's a 250x160 jpg and you want to put it to stretch over a 2500x1600 monitor, what do you think that looks like? Same theory to the game.

It's actually lucky that in many games, the developers and artists submitted giant high resolution textures into their games, knowing they could never been seen on the PS2, however thanks to PCSX2 we've been able to enjoy them. At least to some moderate degree.

Also obviously polygons look better in higher resolution as more pixels in the same polygon help smooth edges by adding more definition. This is something that can't be exploited in 2d.

That's a really good demonstration, bositman, of the difference between 2d elements and 3d elements.
seems that the native res got 2d filtering treatment, is it because of windows? (iirc it use bilinear filtering? cmiiw).
(11-21-2011, 05:29 PM)naoan Wrote: seems that the native res got 2d filtering treatment, is it because of windows? (iirc it use bilinear filtering? cmiiw).

What do you mean? There's only filtering if you force it at the driver level. There should be nothing to my knowledge that's done on pcsx2 at native settings.

Should be exactly like it is on the PS2. Nothing changes. Only when you increase above the native resolution do the textures get rendered at a higher resolution (then filtered into position kinda to fit the resolution of your display kinda..).

Edit: Unless you mean PS2 filtering, i think it does bi and trilinear filtering based on the game. Those are emulated on pcsx2 rather than applied after emulation.
The sprite looks obviously better on native, iirc windows defaulted to bilinear filtering to upscale, this also happen on olden days of desmume when it has no filtering option.

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