Emulator won't let me configure controls
I was playing through Kingdom Hearts last night and the controller was working perfectly fine. The next day I try to play the game and the controller does not work at all. I am using a Logitech gamepad and it works with all of my other games and emulators fine and was working just fine with this one yesterday Is there anyway to fix this and if so can you please tell me? Thanks in advance!

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Please attach the Emulog as well as take a screen show of the plug in. It help and determining the casue
Windows 10
Intel 5930k 4.2ghz/core
32 GBs of 2400MHz DDR4
AMD PoweColor 390X (GPUs are expensive or this would be in crossfire)
Post lilypad settings and if worse comes to worse just delete the lilypad ini file and redo your controls and see if that fixes the problem.
If set up controls and pressing buttons not work just go to controls configuration and change some buttons or no change while running game and then resume. This sometimes occurs only using gamepads or joystick.

And make sure controller is connected while running game or not. It don't worked for me when I connected gamepad after opening pcsx2. So connect before opening pcsx2.

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