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Enabling Cheats issue!
Saiki thank you very much for all your help! This worked as I found one of my codes to be corrupted. I was able to load the game just fine...(Also I realized I put MY pnach file in the wrong PSCX2 folder and didn't put it in the x86 folder where the parent folder is!) Well done with helping me through this...highly appreciated!

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Ah...well I was able to successfully boot the game with the codes loaded but now another issue...the codes don't work at all. It's the correct version (I am not running PAL-E but the NTSC-U version) so the codes I have are for the version I have...but...uh nothing. No max s.lvl or even 9,999,999 gil as I was supposed to have. Any reason this could be happening?
post your emulog and pcsx2_vm.ini please?

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