Enabling DS3 Controller using SCP on Restart
Hey there, just a quick question on SCP Server, I've finally got it working properly, but every time I end a windows session (eg. Turn Off, Standby, Hibernate, etc) I need to reinstall the app before it starts working again. Because I'm using Windows 8.1, this is doubly frustrating because to force install unsigned drivers you have to reboot the OS, which means that every time I want to use SCP Server I have to reboot.

The controller works perfectly when I use PS+L1+R1 to turn it off and then turn back on again using PS, but after I Standby or Hibernate a windows session, it appears not to work until I reinstall ...

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something. Is there something I'm supposedĀ to do to make sure that the program runs properly again after Standby/Hibernate?

Thanks in advance =]

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Same happening for me, but I can make it work again by manually launching the SCP service (in Windows services app)
Just tried using the "Reloaded" version (SCP toolkit) that was linked here somewhere. Seems to have fixed any issues I had, the controller now works beautifully.

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