Enb Series
has anyone tried to use enb series with this emulator ? i tried with gow 2 and i didnt notice any diffrence, but have anyone tried it with any other games and checked if it does any diffrence to it ?


Video is showing some games (pc games) he is useing enb and at the end there is a tutorial where to get it and stuff like that.

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Quote:pc games
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lol well yeah, but its originally designed for gta sa. but it works on pretty much every game that uses Directx9, and pcsx2 uses dx9 (duh!).
Yeah it only works in DX9 and takes a bit to configure it right for each game on PCSX2, Direct3D9 in PCSX2 is glitchier and slower so not really a good thing to try but I guess it could help on games with broken bloom in pcsx2 Tongue

Haven't tried it for a while but it should still work.
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well u can get it to work on dx8 too if u use the vice city mod =) yeah i prolly shouldent do it on my pc (the one i tried on, i got 2 more) since it already dosent run 100% smooth. but i just wanted to try it to see if u could actually get better graphics on pc then on ps2. i know u can change the settings in the gsdx and make it look better, but it dosent change the lightning and stuff like that.

but i guess i could try some more with it when im bored, and if i do make something usefull out if it i'll post it on the forum =)


which pc would pcsx2 run best on ?

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* Intel Core i3 [2x2,13ghz] 3MB Cache
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* ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 512mb


* Pentium4 660 (P) HT 3.6 GHz (dxdiag says dualcore but i dunno x)
* Ram 1,5gb
* GeForce 7800 GTX 512mb
Best of those? Probably the Core i3 although it has the weakest graphics card...

They're all pretty weak for PCSX2...

Quote:well u can get it to work on dx8 too if u use the vice city mod =)

Yeah but PCSX2 doesn't work with DX8 currently.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
haha yeah but they are all i got. and my brother sold the ps2 so there aint much i can do.
and yeah and i dont think it ever will use it, beacause i think the developers wants to upgrade not downgrade x)

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