Encrypt PS2 games as a PC game
PCSX2 converts the files and commands to something the PC can understand, but only temporary so why couldn't you just convert the files to PC formats and save 30-40 fps? Is it actually possible? I am aware that bios are needed to properly run games. Would certain programming for the emulators recompiler and components need to be integrated into the game to allow it to run?

I know this far fetched and random but curiosity exists in my brain.Rolleyes

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An emulator doesn't convert any files. What are you talking about? It tries to imitate the original hardware by translating it to commands a computer can understand. The game files aren't changed in any way, they're only read in a way a PS2 would read them.
Yeah we don't convert, we translate. It's not as simple as you think.
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Its sorta doable for a NES which means fugetaboutit for anything more complex.
Yeah, if you wanna re-compile games to run natively on the PC, you would need the source files, code, and whatnot, which are the property of their respective producers and kept locked up. Plus you would need a bunch of time to wrinkle out bugs that are a result of porting+^_^+ everything on a PS2 disk is compiled in a way that only a PS2 can "unfold" it, and then everything is tuned to run on specific hardware, which is what PCSX2 imitates virtually. point is, unless your capcom and can afford to compile RE4 10k times to run on everything with a screen, emulators will be the way to go to play console games on a PC +^_^+
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