Encrypted memory card files
So the game Everquest Online Adventures: Frontiers has 5 .AUT files on the disc. The first time you play the game it encrypts these files for the particular PS2 being used and saves them as .ENC files to the memory card, they would be updated from the patching server each time you logged in to add extra menu features. These files are executables and will open with PS2dis. The game will only boot if made on the same PS2 as the update was made on, if it detects the save was made on another PS2 it tells you to delete your save and restart. So we have the final game update as a PCSX2 save that will work for any user on any version of the emulator. But it is not possible to load this save on a real PS2 (unless you have the games final memory card update for your PS2 like I do). Its not really a pressing issue but I would like for people to be able to connect to our eventual server on their real PS2 without losing the extra stuff emulator users would have (like auctions and crafting). Are there any other games that personalize memory card saves that someone has figured out how to bypass?

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It depends how it recognises your PS2, if you manage to do a BIOS dump of all the files including the .NVM file which tends to contain the most info, it should see the emulator as the same console as your PS2.
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