Enough configurations to play god of war 2
I am using pcsx2 0.9.7 svn my spec.
Intel i3 [email protected]
intel hd 2000
4gb ram
i can play wwe all stars at 100fps with some hacks.

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(11-15-2011, 04:46 AM)abdo123 Wrote: first of all download the latest SVN from the home page Smile now do the following :

1- oh enable recommended speed hacks
2- enable VU cycling at level 2 , level 3 get it kind of laggy ( false FPS )
3- enable MTVU
4 chose GSDX SSE4 from pluin BIOS selector ( give AVX a try too Wink )
5- use DX10 hardware mode GSDX configuration
6- tick the box "native"

this will make your game near perfect ! Smile

do as said above Smile
I can't think of any special configuration that is needed to play GoW2 right after running pcsx2 for the first time.
The game works fine with default settings,everything else is just extras for better quality and speed

BTW the newest official pcsx2 is 0.9.8 and it's better to use the newest beta because if has an option that is good for cpus like your

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