Enthusia Professional Racing (ERP) — dynamic reflections are missing
I noticed one thing recently.
ERP on PCSX2 has a lot worse graphics than some YouTube clips from original console. I experimented with settings and that what i got:

When i was in the car choosing menu i couldn't see any reflections at all, the game was rendering using hardware OpenGL mode.

Then i switched to software mode and reflections suddenly appeared.

I noticed that if i choose hardware mode again, the reflections surprisingly don't disappear.

But in race this reflection remains static, looks like it is the same texture.

Switching rendering mode again makes an output look like it should be.

It works every time when switching between "software" and "hardware". Car reflection updates, but still remains static when in hardware mode. Somehow the first reflection the game sees became the only that it uses. It makes the game a lot worse graphically speaking. And it also can be reason why in Enthusia there is a well-known bug with rainbow reflections.

Maybe somebody knew about this, but i don't find any post about this problem.
I hope my small experiment will be helpful.

P.S. Sorry for my not perfect english.

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Iif you put the "Blending Accuracy" to a higher setting, do any of those fix it?
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(08-15-2022, 09:43 AM)refraction Wrote: Iif you put the "Blending Accuracy" to a higher setting, do any of those fix it?

I was changing a lot of various things in graphics settings (including Blending Accuracy parameter) while testing and it doesn't really fix anything.
The only thing i tested not so hard is Europe version of the game (because i'm playing NA version), but i think it wouldn't help either.

I think to fix that problem, you need to do something more complex, than just switching the settings.
But i couldn't decide if this "a bug" or not, so i chose to post that here.

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