Enumerating Plugins Causes Freezing/No Progress
I tried setting up my PS3 controller for Windows 10 earlier with Motioninjoy, fast forward to about 30 minutes ago when I tried to use it with PSCX2 and the emulator gave me error messages about a lilypad .dll file (I can't remember what it said, exactly), and from then on the Controllers (PAD) tab in the emulator was greyed out. I tried going in and changing plugin settings thru PCSX2, however it would say "Enumerating plugin files" and load until it stopped at the lilypad .dll file and stay there. I uninstalled PCSX2 (but kept my bios files and save files) in hopes that a reinstallation would fix the issue. Later on I came here, found out I probably shouldn't have Motioninjoy on my PC, uninstalled it, and now I'm here trying to reinstall PCSX2 and also figure out how to use Scptoolkit properly, which I had some confusions with before, but that aside.

So here is the newer and main issue I'm faced with right now: 

I have "PCSX2 First Time Configuration" open. When I click Next, it says that it detects previous settings configurations on my PC and wants to know if I'd like it overwritten or kept. The first time I chose overwrite, and it began enumerating plugins until it would stop at padpokopom.dll and stay there. I tried this once more, same thing happened, so the next time I chose the settings I already had, and the same thing happens there, it stops at padpokopom.dll. 

So how can I fix this?

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Remove the padpokemon.dll from the PCSX2\Plugins folder and see if it works without it.
(07-31-2016, 11:41 AM)FlatOut Wrote: Remove the padpokemon.dll from the PCSX2\Plugins folder and see if it works without it.
OK, I tried, and it gave me a notification saying it's already open in pcsx2.exe, but I don't have the program open myself anywhere.
That means there's probably a ghost PCSX2 active in the background. Open the windows task manager and see if there's a pcsx2.exe process visible(and then end the process).
It worked! Thank you very much for the help.

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