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"Error 5: Access Denied"
It's my first post, so hello everybody!

I can't seem to make pcsx2 work on my system. I'm trying to use v0.9.7 (the latest downloadable), but, when using ZeroGS Kosmos, Windows 7 won't allow the .ini files to be written. I tried the GSdx, but it says my DirectX version is obsolete or something... Not true, though, so I figure it may not work on DirectX 11. Now, I've tried all the tricks I could find in the forum (Run as administrator, changing locations... Program files, My documents, Root), still nothing. I can paste the console text if it may help, but its 90% same as the others'.

If it's worth mentioning, v0.9.6 works mostly fine.

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Read the FAQ.

And update DirectX.

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