Error; CDVD failed to open (UGH)
Well. Great. This stupid plug-in refuses to launch at all. I configured everything, selected the .iso, but it doesn't want to work. I've moved the PCS folder out of Documents (As someone has that error before), re-installed it, configured it (although I needed to use Administrator mode for it to work for the PAD settings) and everything.

Nope! Still want's to be an idiot and break! Now I don't even have a side-console to accompany the main .exe.

ATI 4670, 1GB
Windows Vista 32 Bit

I can get it to launch in plugin/nodisc, but when I get to the menu, there's no CD to select.

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use fast boot instead of full boot
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Tried it, same problem.
Ahh, nevermind, I fixed it. I had to move the .Iso. Stupid me!

haved you selected
CDVD-->Plugin(black dotted)
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