Error "IPU: VQ not implemented"
I'm running into an obscure problem with an obscure game, so I'm not sure whether the problem is in the emulation, a bad disc, or something I could change in the settings.

This pachislot game is listed as playable, though with no details as to version or settings. The one I'm trying is another volume in the same series which I'd expect to be very similar under the hood.

When I start the game I first get one screen of Japanese text, then a short sound plays (I expect some sort of intro is supposed to start here), the emulated screen goes full of dots, and the PCSX2 log screen just starts repeating IPU: VQ not implemented. Searching Google for that exact term only gets about a dozen hits. Among the ones that seem relevant are the PCSX2 source code where that error message comes from, and a handful of Japanese discussions about it that Google Translate can only do so much with. I can see that one of the discussions mentions yet a third volume of these pachislot games, but I saw no reply to that person.

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You must go on emoulation options, click to gamefix and enable "Skip MPEG hack"
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