Error "Memory could not be read" Mid-game
I was playing Harvest Moon : A Wonderful Life Special Edition.
at the first time I used savestate to save most of my game.
but it always send me that error code. and now I use ingame save and delete the sstate of my game. but it always send me that error and force close my PCSX2.
Need a Help here.Excl

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use the in game saving (memory card) save states are not recommend for saving they can be buggy
how to fix it? am I have to start a new game?

Is it possible if the cause of that erorr is because I used pnach?
if it was cheat yes. Any bug that happens in the game will get captured in savestate and down the line will cause you other issue as the bugs add up.

It is general recommend to just use memory card saves ( which by default PCSX2 ejects memory cards before loading save states cause it can cause issue) and only use save states if the game is one of those games that have broke in game memory card saves, there are few of them xeno saga is one of them. I mean it very useful if for instance you about to start long battle you dont want start over. it more of backup save option imo.

Also Save states tend to not be compatible from build to build so if you solely use save states you kind doing your self dis service. unless they found way to make save states compatible across all builds which I think they said they where looking in to, but i dont think it happened yet
Okay, thanks for your help.
I'll try it right now.
I'll contact you if I still had the same problem.
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@AqlOt: Can you post the version/revision of PCSX2 that you're using?
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Save states are useful but aren't meant to substitute the normal save in memory card. As correctly pointed in former posts the sstate keeps whatever memory corruption, be it from wrong cheat codes or possible emulation mistake. Such corruption might sum up over time to the point of making the game unplayable eventually.

The normal save on the other hand records only specific game parameters like the characters stats, inventory content and so on. When loading from the memory card the game is reconstructed from the disc (ISO) and then eventual memory corruption is correct unless the issue is on some those recorded parameters.

Wrong cheat codes might be pure venom because an unaware user might not notice whatever was in the wrong address was overwritten and this is recorded on sstate, sometimes the error might be in an executable part of the program and the issue will manifest only when this chunk of code is activated, possibly with fatal failure. The point is even when a cheat code simply seemed not to have worked it messed the memory, one should never forget it when making a sstate after having used a "failed" cheat code.

Edit: Repeating for cleanness sake: once the memory is corrupted by cheat code it does not vanish simply by disabling the code, this is specially valid for sstate but not necessarily valid for memcard since the game session is reconstructed from the ISO which is supposed read only.
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Savestates are a good supplement but never an alternative to proper memcard saving. I've had plenty of savestates get corrupted and completely unusable.
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