Error mesage... Pixel Shader ver...

I recently got an error message, and I quote:

The Error Message Wrote:Supported Pixel shader version is too low!

Supported: 0.0
Selected: 2.0

OK... what? That's saying that the version is too high... or something to that effect, right?

How do I fix this?


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Get a new graphics card. But from the looks of it your CPU must be ancient too,so I guess you'll need a full PC upgrade to run PCSX2
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Hm... Well, that's unfortunate. Thanks for the assist.
I have a similar version, except in my case GSdx acknowledges that my Pixel Shader version is 1.4, and that it is trying to select 2.0. Are there any pcsx2 graphics plugins that work with this version?
Sorry, I meant that I hae a similar PROBLEM, not version.
I can't type today.
You could try a very old version of GSdx9 like 0.9 or older but not sure where you could get it and with only PS1.4 your card must be very weak so you wouldnt be able to get playable speeds with it i'm afraid :/
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GSDX requires Pixel Shader 2.0 at least, Or you are unable to run PCSX2 at all. nor Pixel Shader 0.0 or 1.4. You gotta upgrade your PC to run PCSX2.
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Go to this site it will fix your probelem
(01-24-2010, 10:06 AM)kartik Wrote: Go to this site it will fix your probelem

That's a very old post (from 2007) and it says exactly the same thing as said here Tongue His option B isn't good anymore either as ZeroGS is no longer ahead of GSDX.

I vaguely remember ZZOgl requiring PS 2.0 (paging Zeydlitz!) as well, so changing plugins isn't going to be an option unless you go waaaaaay back as Shadow Lady said.
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