Error of 3 games
Hello. I do not know where to turn, so excuse me if I write is not in the section of the forum. I found 3 dead game. They did not give even the headband, a black screen and all. I used different settings and plug-ins - the same result - nothing. These games: Ouran host club, Edel Blume, Hiiro no Kakera. All of these games, the Japanese visual novel, they should not use greater productivity. But they do not go. I wanted to know - where do I contact to correct this error, or what to do.

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theres a bug reporting section which you can use to report stuff.........

if you can give us some screen shots, the version of pcsx2 (i'm assuming playground but you never know...) you are running, your settings (frame skip, graphics, cpu options etc) and whether your booting image or disc (a BIG factor) then that would help also......

basically cram your post with all the info you possibly can do.... :-)

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