Errors at starting
It seems my 0.9.6 might have problems from start to finish, so might as well start.

Whenever I bring up the Configure menu, the log gives me...

Plugin load failure: plugins\ZeroGS.dll
..........SysLibError Message: <NULL>

No menu gives an option for ZeroGS, so I have no clue why that is there.
Also any attempt to start even the CDNull thing gives the errors that it has no ROM2 or EROM, then asks to update my DirectX, saying no will have it just terminate itself, and saying yes seems to freeze the whole emulator, then I have to terminate it myself.

I have not a clue where to start...any help?

CPU config (I never cared to look at these except for this kind of thing...its a few years old computer of an XP, but it works fairly well.) says it 2605 MHZ for speed, Intel Pentium 4 CPU family, and for "features" it has MMX, SSE, and SSE2.
Sorry if this is in the wrong place by the way, the "Bug Reports" thing looked too specific...

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Do what it tells you...update your direct X.
Download and install this:

There are like 50 topics on this,a simple search would save you the trouble and ours...
[Image: newsig.jpg]
And to obvious questions, yes I tried to set things up so it would go right before trying to ask for help.
Yes I fiddled looking if different things would make it work.
I even tried looking up what they were, and heard Rom2 was some chinese characters thing and is useless, and that guy had no clue what ERom was for.
Updated to 9.0b before posting from "Brothersoft."

I spent a bit of time searching looking for easy answers. Nothing went. You saying different people have different DirectX things? I mean, I wouldn't think that a 9.26 would be THAT different from 9.0b. I know its a big jump, but still.

Also wouldn't explain to me the Erom or Rom2 errors.
Hmm....that solves one mess....

Also wants a pixel shader....but I didn't think anything I was using needed a pixel shader. Does the emu itself demand it?
It's a feature of your graphics's probably too crappy/old to even work with the GS plugins nowadays.
Run this:
And post a screenshot of the program running with the info
Edit: What erom,rom1 and rom2 are, are explained in detail in the configuration guide,which I guess you didn't read.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
And here it is. Wouldn't surprise me if was too old, even though I think it was "best of the times". It's from like five years ago...which is sad. Runs decently though with 2GB RAM. Smile

Note: Had to crop a bit, so I cut it close but still visible.
Wow,yeah that's a relic. I suggest a full PC upgrade if you want to even run PCSX2
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I guess I'll just try using friend's Vista laptop....thanks though.

EDIT: And relic or not, it still works well, and I like it. They don't even dish out XP anymore, even though it works well.

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Yeah unfortunatelly that card wont do you any good.
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you could get some ATi AGP card (like 2600XT,or the best solution ATi Radeon 3850 512MB 256-bit AGPx8)

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