Eternal Poison
Hi just wondering if anyone has been able to get this to work? I have tried GSDX and ZZOG (which had some pics of it without the double image) without success.

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Sorry, but this game is not compatible in any way...
As you can see here, this games compatibility with PCSX2 is NOTHING!!! Which means literally, nothing will work.
It's not truth. Use 0.9.4 (not 0.9.6!) and ZZogl. And you could play it. Newest version broke this game.
I tried most combinations of 0.9.4 I could think of and it's still black screen and crashes. Could you be more specific Zey? (or anyone else of course)

I'm very interested in getting Eternal Poison to work =)
Well, I have a 0.9.5 r300 for this game, and I live under Linux. This game simply start with ZZogl, when i fix feedback issues (with ZeroGS OGL picture is reverted).

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