Eternal Ring glitched out
I don't know if anyone else here has access to this game, but it's super glitched out on my system. I tried multiple settings in Gsdx, but it kept on having a shutter effect. Then I switched to Zerogs, and that fixed the shuttering effect but now during gameplay several elements are missing, like all the 3D models.

I would like to know how the person got this game to be "playable".

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By shutter effect do you mean the game screen is shaking? If so just press F5 ingame to toggle between interlacing modes.
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Probable he started telling his machine specs, emulator's and plugin's versions, how they were configured, and so on.

Since we don't know even if the game is running at the standard speed (PAL, NTSC?), neither if speed hacks are being applied and it's amount if so...

How do you expect someone can answer your (implicit) question?

PS: Actually part of the answer can be forwarded. He had a powerful enough machine and set up everything correctly.
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Dual core 3.30Ghz AMD Athlon 6400+
3GB dual channel RAM
Nvidia 8800GT

NTSC game, PCSX2 9.6

pressing f5 seemed to do the trick, thanks!
about missing models, are you sure to have not skipdraw set to something different than zero?

there is, probably, a line in your GSdx.ini
if it's not there try including it on the ini's end.

PS: still better, include that line in the same file

it will give you some extra options in GSDX GUI, but be aware these hacks should not be active all the time, only if really needed for determined game. And make sure to disable them when changing to another.
Imagination is where we are truly real

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