Eternal Ring sound looping sound issue
I'll start with system specs, windows 7 professional 64 bit, 12GB RAM, nvidia GT 620. PCSX2 version, 1.3.1 20150503164648. Basically in short i'm currently at the Magic Lab area of the game. The sound effect for doors opening closing(basically a short rumbling sound) will occasionally at random begin to loop and once it does the only way to get rid of it seems to be to save the game, quit the emulator and load everything back up. The problem is entirely random and can happen either the first time a door is opened or the 30th time. I've tried playing with the sound settings and haven't found anything that seems to stop the issue.

oops forgot to mention, i'm running the NTSC-U version of the game. Oops forgot to include cpu in the original text, its an i7-3770.

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Have you checked if the problem is known to happen on the original console?
That happens occasionally and especially with the earlier titles. Eternal Ring is almost a launch title Wink
I've never ran into the problem playing the game via my old fat PS2, though I suppose its possible that this is a problem that i was somehow simply lucky enough not to run into while playing it in the past.
I can find a couple mentions of the sound glitching in this game. Of course no one gave a detailed bug report or anything, so yea Tongue2

Anyway, there's no options that you can try to fix this. The SPU2 emulation is pretty much self-contained.
You could try older revisions of SPU2-X or even the last ZeroSPU2 you can find.
ZeroSPU2 has a good chance of working, for some miraculous reason (it skips emulating so many things, it's really weird how it can be more compatible at times..).
I'm not entirely sure where to look for those, anyway got a link to the latest ZeroSPU2 plugin version? I don't know if it would help or not but I can provide a save state where the door open/closing sound is currently looping if it'd help for trying to pinpoint the issue.
The last version that had ZeroSPU2 bundled was 0.9.7 beta, get it here:
Grab the binary and get the dll of zerospu2. Not sure if it will work with the latest PCSX2, give it a try
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