Ethernet menu can't find my ethernet adapter
I'm not sure if this is fully implemented yet, but the Ethernet section in the "Network and HDD Settings" doesn't ever see my ethernet adapter.  The HDD functionality works as expected, allows me to create RAW files, and games can use them to a degree, but as you can see in the attatched screenshot, it doesn't detect my ethernet adapter.  Windows does, as well as every other program that can use it, but not this.  Again, this might just not be implemented yet, but I swear I remember seeing this option grayed out at one point because it wasn't implemented.  Ever since the option started not being grayed out, it's been unable to detect any adapters.

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If you have an older devbuild it will only work with TAP (which you get with OpenVPN installation), get the latest build to also get (N)PCAP.
I update to the latest 1.7.0 build a few times every month. It's never shown anything. Unless this change was just made recently.

Edit: I just updated to the latest 1.7.0 build at the time of me writing this, which is "PCSX2 1.7.0-20210501003455" according to the log. Still not detecting any adapters.
Did you install npcap?
npcap? The old plugin version didn't require any external software, so I had no idea this did.

Edit: Yeah, that did the trick.

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