Ethernet plugin crashes PCSX2?
I've got this weird problem that every time I select the Dev9gigarazi plugin and hit apply or ok, it says Applying Settings for a while and then it just pops up pcsx2 has stopped working. I tried this with 0.9.8 and 1.0.0 and both do the same thing. Know what's wrong? I really want to try a few games online with this.

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Bump? I really want to get this working.
Nevermind, apparently the plugin is outdated + the servers for the games I wanted to play online are closed. So yeah, no solution here. Except using an older version of PCSX2 for some games, but still don't think you could play all of 'em with 0.9.6.
We have a thread somewhere on this forum on how to configure it (something with netplay).
One important part of it was installing pcap drivers. Those missing is the reason it crashed.
I had winpcap drivers installed. Just seems like it doesn't work because I'm running a 64bit system.

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