Europe Bios doesn't recognize NTSC games?
Hi, I have 2 Europe Bios that I dumped myself (v1.2 and v2.2) and it seems that both are unable to load any NTSC games. Whenever I try it, it just throws me back to the Memory Card screen and shows a "Playstation 2" disc (though the title of the game appears at the PCSX2 window top), PAL games are loading fine though.

At first I thought this was a problem with the dumped game(s) but after trying out a US bios it loads the games without any problems (even PAL games work).
I always thought PCSX2 doesn't care about the region and will load games regardless of what region the game was released in?
If it is not though, can I somehow fix this without having to use a different bios (from a different region)?

Because 1) I would like to use my original bios and 2) I would like to avoid having to switch bios files for all non-PAL games

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as long as you're using fast boot, region check is skipped.
that's why.
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Ah I see, I didn't even think about trying that Tongue

Yeah now it works with the Europe bios as well, thanks.

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