Evergrace , culling issues
Hi, I've been trying to emulate Evergrace ,and ran into a strange issue I've not seen replicated anywhere else, with no settings seemingly affecting it.

Whenever I get even a short distance from an npc, they completely disappear, this includes enemies and some other assets, like the leaves in the main menu, which are suppposed to slide onto the screen, but they simply appear and disappear at the edges of it for me. It seems like a overzealous culling issues, since sometimes it seems to happen when things move anywhere close to behind scenery, but no idea what could be causing it.
I'm playing with the undub patch, though it happens on the upatched rom as well, that I've only ever seen quite successfully emulated from gameplay videos online.
It happens with every renderer available (hardware has a lot of issues in evergrace overal, so using software for it regardless)

I'm using version 1.6.0 if that's any help

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Could be worth trying latest Dev build
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(10-11-2022, 06:49 PM)jesalvein Wrote: Could be worth trying latest Dev build

Didn't consider that, since basically every video of it emulated didn't have this issue, but it WORKED, perfectly!
Thank you very much for the suggestion, it even fixed the shadows.

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