Everquest Online Adventures Private Server
So I figured that I would post this over here in any hope that someone interested in this project would like to help. We are a group of ex-players seeking to write an emulated server program for our beloved EQOA. Totally non-profit, open source project similar to EQemu. PCSX2 has enabled us to figure out so much about this game (along with Cheat Engine) and with only a single ~30 minute packet capture and a couple of savestates we are almost in the game through the "front door". 
So whenever PCSX2 0.9.7 was out one of our members, Corsten, was playing the game live using PCSX2 with the Dev9 Gigaherz plugin and saved one very thorough packet capture with wireshark, and made a few savestates before the live servers for EQOA were shut down in 2012. At first the savestates were useless and disconnected after a few seconds, but after months of research the memory region that forced the game to disconnect after no server response was heard was disabled with Cheat Engine, allowing us to freely roam the HUGE map and see any character models that were in the immediate area of our last save. 
Using the packet capture we have made significant progress in writing our emulated server. At this current point we are able to succesfully patch the memory card, get through the account selection process, choose a server (our own!), and enter the character selection/creation screen. This works on both PCSX2 or a real PS2! Current work is going on to understand the rest of the live packet capture and place a selected character in to the actual game. We anticipate being in the world from our server soon. 
If you are interested in this project we have a wiki at 
a VERY active facebook page at
and our own forums at 

Even if noone responds I would just like to thank the PCSX2 dev team for writing this program. You guys rock!!!

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Very interesting to see something like this. Nice work!
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(08-06-2015, 08:04 AM)Nobbs66 Wrote: Very interesting to see something like this. Nice work!

I'm hoping a lot of people find this interesting and want to help us out! The game was playable on dial up internet so the packets are very small and we already have a large understanding of the packet structure. Is there any other place I can post this so more people would notice? I would love to have a pcsx2 dev see this.
Interested in seeing more progress, will start following the project. Like the idea of reviving PS2 games.

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