Everybody's Golf PAL Running at 10~ FPS
Hi, I just downloaded PCSX2 today and I've been having trouble with one of the roms. I've been trying to get the PAL version of Everybody's Golf running and the menus are running just fine, a stable 50 FPS but once I get into a game the framerate drops to the 12-9 range. I've tried this with my monitor in both 60hz and 50hz for the refresh rate and it doesn't seem to help.

My specs are as follows:

Windows 10 64-bit
1TB Toshiba hard drive
Intel Quad Core i5-3570 Processor
2 Nvidia GTX 960s

I'm using PCSX2 1.6.0 and have all the plugins set to the default recommendations on install. 

I've also noticed some broken textures in menus and while I'm not sure they're related I thought I would mention it just to be safe. I've included a screengrab of an example below.

[Image: EdD7v29UYAIiUAn?format=png&name=medium]

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You will need one of these patch:-


That seems to have fixed it! Thank you very much for your help!

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