Everyday Ps3 pad to install again
Hi !

Sorry for the other thread, closed for things about a copy of Windows..

I finally saw the emulator working with the Service pack 3 on WinXP. Now I have many game to play, and I'm trying to set the configuaration at its best.

For now I'm asking you about the ps3 pad. I used the Scarlet Crush Productions driver, and at the end it works. And I play games with the pad.

But the 2nd day, I start the pc, connect the pad, open PCSX2 and the pad it's no more show on the option. So I start again the process with SCP,
unistall, install again, and it works again.

Then before quit my pc, I take out the pad, and at that moment, my PS3 starts, like I had press the PS button.

So there are 2 problems i hope to solve: I cant re-install the SCP driver everyday, and I dont want to starts the PS3 everytime i take out the pad from my pc.

For that I can take out the alimentation cable, I dont use the PS3 at the moment.

Any idea ?


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This thread may or may not get closed as well but before it does I just wanna say.

I highly recommend Windows 7. It's a great way to modernize your system without giving into some of the shady policies of Microsoft under they're Windows 10 operating system.

Not to mention Windows 7 has far less problems than 10 which may also help your situation in the first place.

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