Exclusive Fullscreen would be useful to reduce input lag in Windows 10 and 8.
I know you guys have decided to drop Exclusive Fullscreen mode, but a new reason arised that causes me to reconsider you guys wether to keep it out.

In Windows 7, the ''Destkop Window Manager''(Dwm) which is in use when you use an Aero theme, causes a bit more input lag, even if an incredibly small amount.  Still, if there's already other sources creating enough input lag, DWM's lag can theoretically push the total lag just enough that it starts to become noticable, so I turn it off. Windows 10 however
is entirely based on the DWM (which seems to have some kind of tripple buffering going on too?), so you can't disable it, your only solution is to launch a game in exclusive fullscreen mode. PCSX2 can't do this however, and sometime in the future
Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 like they did with XP. Besides, a lot of people like me have upgraded to Windows 10.

Another issue is that for me at least, even with Vsync disabled (This causes huge input lag in any game so I disable it) and maximum pre rendered frames to 1 (In AMD it's called Flip Que Size if I'm correct), PCSX2 has the most noticable input lag of any emulator I've ever used.
I played DMC3 on PCSX2, and  then the bad PC port, and the difference is night and day. In one it feels sluggish (even browsing the menus is) and it's way too hard to royal guard, and the other feels like a dream. (Haven't tried my used copy of the PS3 HD collection yet but DMC4 on PS3 felt a lot better as well)
I think reducing this input lag in any way if possible should be a good priority into making this emulator better, as that makes it more accurate to the experience of an actual Playstation 2. This way it kind if misrepresents how PS2 games feel. It effects not only how responsive the game feels, but also needlessly increases the difficulty in timing related challenges, especially if one needs to time well in quick succession. In this guy's video you can see it changes up the timings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4fdEypD4Sk (Whoops, had the wrong link at first Tongue)

At the end of the day, I'm grateful this option to play on PCSX2 even exists due to people spending their free time. I can't imagine how hard it is to make an emulator, let alone one of a difficult console as the PS2. I often think it sucks how far behind it is compared to something like Dolphin because of it and complain about the bugs and stuff, but hey, it's still great work.
However, I find noticable input lag reduces my enjoyability, and if anything could be done to improve it, it would really improve the emulator overall if possible. And personal enjoyability aside, I think reducing input lag would only be helpful in preserving the console.

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I've actually measured this with the Rockband 3 guitar in Dolphin, Exclusive Fullscreen only gives ~16ms difference at best on Windows 10.

It's not going to noticeably help you; people are able to adjust to that amount of latency pretty easily over time; I used to play with ~60ms of latency in Melee on netplay without any issues, but if I played offline for a few months then went back online it'd feel laggy again.

PCSX2 is a much different emulator than Dolphin, but I do believe that exclusive fullscreen here probably won't make the difference you're looking for.
Input lag matters in twitch games.. but that's about it.  I know its hellish trying to dodge lightning in ffx.. so bad that I play on my monitor vs. my projector because that extra few ms makes all the difference in the world to me.
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