Exclusive mode fullscreen / nvidia gamestream
hi, i'm not sure if there is a topic about this already but i didn't notice one, so started this one
I remember reading about why the dev team decided to go with borderless Fullscreen vs the exclusive fullscreen, and quite frankly i like the borderless one alot, but i was wondering if you are going to support exclusive mode for the sake of something like Nvidia Share. Nvidia share will allow people to share & play game together through gamestream co-opĀ in the same way ps4 does, but the catch seems to be that they will only support exclusive mode fullscreen, It seems like it would be a very easy way for people to enjoy ps2 local multiplayer online


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Some people showed interest in the real full screen mode but currently no dev has time or interest to tackle it. I guess earlier or later it will be available again but this is one case were later is more probable.

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