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Exit shortcut
Hi, I have an arcade machine running linux with many emulator + advmenu, now i want to run ps2 games with pcsx2 but i need configure an exit button combination (like joybutton_1 + joybutton_2), exist any way to do that? I read about PCSX2_keys.ini but the parameter Sys_SuspendResume won't work, I thing because I run over command line.


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Perhaps you can use a mapper to bind the button(s) in question to ALT-F4 or CTRL-Q? One of those should work.
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Won't work, I run pcsx2 with --nogui I need close the GSwindow, no the GUI, the GSwindow apparently only close with ESC key, then I need a shorcut like GSwindow_close, GSwindow_exit or something, exist any like that?
Just use a program to send Esc key.

Personally I use antimicro.

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