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[Experimental] Winsock based DEV9 plugin (Now with HDD Support)
I don't know how common. Though I've tested the server's IP on the affected users' browser with https and it opened just fine.

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Hi. Are the setup/config instructions on the first post still valid. I've followed the steps exactly, using the latest build (6.5), and I still get an error when loading an iso.

For instance, loading Final Fantasy XI, I still get "Your HDD is not formatted. The HDD must be formatted before use. Please format it according to the instructions in its manual, then restart the PlayOnline Viewer. Please power down your console now."

Can you advise? Thank you!
use wLaunchELF to format the HDD
Generate unique MAC in the format of 76:6D:61:63:XX:XX, with values for X generated from the Host MAC address, for WinPcap and TAP mode.
This allows you to connect to XLink Kai when using either of the above two modes.
Other under the hood changes.

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