Extreme Lag. Fps as low as 1.80. Please Help
Hello everyone. I just downloaded and installed pcsx2, so I'm new here. Anyways I've been having some trouble getting the program to work as smoothly as it should. Every time I boot it up it runs extremely slow to the point where the fps reading is close to 2 and the GS percentage is at 98 %. I've looked through the threads here and haven't seen anyone reporting speeds this low, please help if you can.

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what game are you trying to play and what are you pc specs?
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I've tried a number of games and it's the same problem. Even when I select the "no disk" option and do I full boot I experience the same speed. I tried to emulate the same games on my desktop using the same configuration and the same version and everything has been running smoothly, so it must have been my laptop. I am just going to use the desktop for now until I have a chance to get a newer laptop that would be good for emulation.
If you would like to suggest what specs I should look for in my new laptop it would be appreciated.
Thanks for the reply.
Yeah it sounds like your laptop gpu is just awful, or it has a discreet gpu and it isn't selecting it
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you should generally look for a laptop processor with high single threaded peformance and a decent GPU for atleast native resolution while looking for a new laptop.

on the other hand, please provide your current laptop specs.
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without giving us informations about your system specs we can't really help you.
if you have switchable graphics you might have to assign pcsx2 to use your dedicated gpu in your nvidia/amd control panel.
Also, make sure your power profile in Windows is set to "high performance"

turn speedhacks on, MTVU gives you a great speedboost even on a dualcore cpu.
use DX11 instead of DX9 in GSDX if possible, depending on the game, DX11 is faster.

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