Extreme slowdowns occur while saving

I installed PCSX2 1.6.0 not too long ago and even though my PC isn't powerful at all, I haven't encountered any major issues. All the games I've launched so far run perfectly fine (aside from a single random lag from time to time, which is tolerable) and I have no objections to the emulator's functioning itself.

With one exception.

Shortly after installing, I encountered an issue of extreme slowdowns, down to around 4-5 percent, which occur during the Playstation 2 logo screen at launch and every time the game is saved. When I looked this issue up on the internet, I found several suggestions that it's an issue with memory cards, so I duplicated my memory card, inserted the duplicate in place of the new one and it worked - the slowdowns were no more.

Everything was perfectly fine until a few days ago, when that same exact issue suddenly reappeared. One day, I booted up the emulator and the slowdowns started happening again, in the exact same moments. It was fine the previous day. I tried doing the same as previously (duplicating the memory card), but the slowdowns continued. Tried that a few more times - nothing. Tried converting the memory card to folders and carrying over the saves manually - still the same. After some experimenting, I found out that this issue affects all formatted cards - when I launched a game with a clean, unformatted card, there was no slowdown on the PS2 logo screen, but the slowdowns started only when I formatted the card in-game. The slowdowns occured in every single game I launched, so I'm certain it's not an issue with specific games. I also highly doubt it has anything to do with hardware performance, since it was fine prior to that and even now, aside from the moments in which a memory card is written, the games run well.

My main question is: how can I fix it? However, if it's possible, I would also like to know why this issue reappeared so spontaneously and what causes it, in layman's terms. Please understand if I don't know how to do something or don't understand some term or in-emulator option, I'm still inexperienced with emulation and somewhat unfamiliar even with PCSX2 itself, at least beyond basic options.

Thank You in advance.

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