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Extreme slowdowns when writing to memory card
You might want to look here, seems to be an issue somebody else experienced recently!
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Thanks for the replies guys I appreciate the help you guys are are awesome. Sorry I haven't checked in these past few days my girlfriend spent a few days over and I'm not allowed to play games or spend too much time on the computer when she's there, which is why our relationship is making me miserable and...

... sorry, I got carried away. Ahem.

Interesting the guy in the other topic, refraction, he solved it by just changing memory cards. I tried that several times, but it didn't work.

Ryudo: I believe you are probably half right. I don't think it's my hard drive itself because it's relatively new (bought in September 2016). I usually replace my hard drives every two years. I do have two hard drives (I use one for windows and one for storing big files) so I tried using the program in the other hard drive and the problem was the same. It could be something else, though. But I think you are probably right in that it probably is a problem with my computer (software or hardware, who knows) rather than the PCSX2 configuration itself.

I built my PC 5 years ago, in the summer of 2012. The GPU and hard drives have been recently replaced, but the motherboard (asus sabertooth x79) and CPU (intel core i7-3960x) have been there for 5 years.

I never studied computer science so I might be overlooking something, but I do believe that there are some SATA ports in my motherboard that are dead or dying. Sometimes my computer works very well, but then at some point I start having a bunch of problems then one day I can't even boot windows anymore (it gives me the "insert boot device" message and can't detect my hard drive anymore). When that happens the only thing that fixes it is to hook up the hard drives to different SATA ports and try different combinations until it works again.

I wonder... if there is a problem with the SATA port I'm currently using, could this potentially cause the problem with PCSX2? If there's some kind of communication problem with the drive I suppose it might make it more difficult for PCSX2 to save.

I'm kind of afraid of changing ports again while I'm able to run windows, though. And I suppose if something on my motherboard is dying, maybe other things are too.

Ulblast: sorry I didn't see your message before. I can't post the zip now because my PCSX2 is currently uninstalled it but I could try posting it when I reinstall it if I still have the problem. I suspect the problem is more with my computer, though.

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