Extremely low fps
I am attempting to use pcsx2 1.0.0 for the first time. I have games and when I run them I get ~10fps on one and ~2fps on the other. After checking the configure page here I have gotten nothing better. I checked the compatibility of my specs and I should be able to run the games decent enough to play. Am I just doing something wrong or am I missing something, suggestions?

AMD A series Quad Core A6 3420M Processor 2.4GHz
AMD Radeon HD 6520G

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both CPU and GPU is too weak for pcsx2 to handle it.
better change to Intel based laptop of at least 2.6 basic clock speed. and the video must be dedicated
intergrated video cards such as Intel HD????,RadeonHDxxxxy(w/c has embended w/ AMD-A? (Fusion) likewise is too slow for such PS2 emulation.
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Damn, thanks though. I was hoping it would work, looks like I will have to wait for my desktop I am getting in the coming weeks.

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