Extremely slow SW rendering performance

I don't exactly know what has changed since 1.4.0 but the current builds are extremely slow with SW rendering. I'm on a Ryzen 1700 system, I have just tried both 1.4.0 release and the latest auto builds. I get constant 60fps on 1.4.0 while I can barely see 15 on the latest builds. Weird thing is, it gets faster when I run the renderer in single thread. 1.4.0 sw renderer gets faster with more threads.

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I use an old GSDX plugin (11 May 2016 build date) for Metal Gear Games. I suggest you to keep your actual pcsx2 install and switch to this older plugin when you can't get fullspeed.

ps: Ratchet & Clank serie and Jak & Daxter won't render correctly with the old Gsdx plugins.

ps2: with 8 physicals cores in software mode set rendering threads to 5.
You might want to test turning SMT off in your bios and see if that effects your performance. It seems to have the biggest impact on things that are more heavily single threaded (like games and emulators). Hopefully some bios updates/windows updates/driver updates/and even some program updates might help with this.

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