EyeToy Compatibility and Requirements
Compatible Webcam Needs to Support
-320x240 (0.8 megapixil)
-160x112 for Anti-Grav
-YUYV or MJPEG format
-Eyetoy Cameo requires JPG format which isn't implemented quite yet but is being worked on.

Unfortunately no list exists of compatible webcams

If your camera doesn't support the necessary resolution or format i must recommend that you use OBS

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see below
As of July 18 2021

Fully Working Games
Astro Zoo
Bakufuu Slash!! Kizna Arashi - requires something bright green and reflective to play.
Bob the Builder -needs fast cdvd
Boboboubo Boubobo: Shuumare! Taikan Boubobo
Card Captor Sakura: Sakura-chan and Asobo
DDR Extreme 2
DDR Super Nova1 and 2
Disney Move
Kinetic Combat
Monkey Mania
Nicktoons Movin'
Operation Spy
Play 2
Play 3
Play Hero - needs something long and shiny green to use as a sword
Play Sports
Pom Pom Party - Game requires a bright green and a bright bright pink pom pom. avoid metallic green or pink so they aren't easily picked up by the camera.
Rhythmic Star
Sega Superstars
Thomas & Friends: A Day at the Races
U Move Super Sports

Questionable - game works but requires external program to work if you don't have an ancient webcam
Antigrav - Requires OBS to be able to set the webcame resolution to 160x112. this introduces additional lag

Questionable - games work but also games require very bright rooms and still motion buttons can be difficult to activate.
Kaiketsu Zorori: Mezase! Itazura King - Limited Edition
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Not Working
Chat. needs online service
Clumsy Shumsy - game won't get past a memory card screen. eyetoy video feed works but is a slide show at best and at worst seems to lock up despite seemly having a locked 50fps. won't respond to button presses.
Singstar games - garbage graphics from the intro are overlayed
American Karaoke Revolution Games - black screen where video feed is supposed to be.
Eyetoy Cameo - requires jpg format.

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