EyeToy camera in PCSX2
Hey guys...I want to ask and will it work on PC if I connect USB? Has anyone tried? Thank you

I plan to buy Eyetoy and I enjoy playing :-)

I have versions:  PCSX2 v1.7.4131

[Image: EyeToy.png]

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I think you will have the same problems as me if you try to use an EyeToy Camera with PCSX2 for now. I have already written a bug report about it - maybe take a quick look at it so you know what is not working properly at the moment: https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/issues/7626

We should continue to be patient. The developers are working on very very many other things that have more priority. Happy
Do you even have valid working drivers for that on modern OS's? I have an eyetoy and drivers are basically non-functional at this point. Without those, PCSX2 will never be able to use it.
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On the bottom of your camera you will find a sticker with some information about the camera. Among others also the device name like SLEH-00030, SLEH-00031, SCEH-0004 etc. and according to this special designation you need the corresponding driver for it. However, it is difficult to find and install these drivers on modern computers - you have to use a trick. However, there are instructional videos for this purpose. This is how i got my camera to work (at least on Windows 10 64-bit for now). It can still be difficult for beginners, even with a tutorial video. Furthermore, i believe that many would rather save themselves the trouble, unless you love experimenting.

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