Eyefinity - Multiple Monitors Resolution
PSX R1888
GSDx 2693 SSE41 0.1.16
Win7 Ultimate
i7-860 @ 3.8
5870 @ 3150x1680 across 3 monitors via Eyefinity (1050x1680 x 3 in Portrait)

Is there any way to set GSDx up so that it spans multiple monitors in full screen mode? I've tried to manually edit the .ini file, and while it loaded, it failed to span the image across the screens, instead it just cloned it.

There is no option for 3150x1680 in the drop down resolution box. The best I get is 1050x1680 which is the max resolution of one monitor.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

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I've never seen anything about trying to use multiple monitors, I would either stick with one while using PCSX2, and just going big, or waiting to see if someone has a fix for that. I've yet to have problems on a 42 inch high def at 1920 x 1200. Also, I'm not even sure if any of the Video Plugins ever supported multiple monitors.
i dont think it will work on full screen but you can always play with the window and make it bigger (by dragging the corner) until it covers all 3 screens. it will be like full screen but you will be able to see a little of the window...
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I appreciate the input. It's not too bad in windowed mode. Just thought perhaps there was a work-around for full screen. Thanks again for the input.
You can try editing the window size through the gsdx.ini file. IIRC, you can merge the 3 screen as 1, and it didn't work for you in full screen mode?
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