Eyetoy, USB-Microphones (Singstar) and Buzz
At first i must say, that i've really respect to the guys who programmed a emulator,  not only the PCSX2. I'm not a tecky like this, but i'm very interested in several emulators like Wii, Atari, Mame and so on. It's wonderful, that a couple of guys give the possibility to a lot of other guys to play some wonderful old games.

But with PCSX2, i've a little bit trouble with the peripherical.

- I use the newest version 1.4 
- I've copied nearly all important games from DVD with Nero als ISO-File on Harddrive
- My used Hardware are the following: Original (Singstar) USB-Microphones, USB-Buzzer for the Buzz-Games and Eyetoy camera (i.e. for Kinetic)

1. If i start a game like Singstar, the menues are not really usable, but in the compatibility-list i saw, the PCSX2 have some trouble with Singstar? Why? Is it so hard to emulate? Every time i start Singstar, i will get the notice, that they can't find the USB Microphones, but it's plugged in (the blue led is on)

2. If i start Buzz (any Edition), the Buzz-Controllers will not found. Is there any plugin out there, so that i can play Buzz?

3. If i plug in the Eyetoy Camera and start a game for eyetoy, they can't find my Eyetoy Camera.

The Situation is, that i've a good old PS2, but the sense was, that i can emulate all these wonderful programmes like mentioned above on my Intel Skylake 6700K. The Power will be enough, but in this special case, the PCSX2 isn't really senseful for me, so that i must bring back my original PS2 Console.

The better thing would be, if i have any possibility with plugins (or other hints), so that PCSX2 identify this hardware.

Any idea?

Many thanks in advance

P.S.: Do you've a german channel for german guys like me, who can post only in bad german english? ;-)

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