Eyetoy play recognizes camera, but is unplayably distorted
After some browsing the forums and downloading the latest dev build of pcsx2, I have finally gotten eyetoy play to stop showing a solid green screen where my webcam input should be. Unfortunately, the webcam input is super screwed up and distorted. I can tell it's my actual input, because it shows my shirt's yellow color and moves when I move, but it is definitely unplayable. Does anyone know how I could fix this? I looked it up and it seems like Eyetoy Play 2 is supposed to be playable. I am using a 1080p webcam not an eyetoy. Is it possible to convert the signal or something?


[Image: i4WDqqG.png]

EDIT: I got it SORT OF working by filtering my HD webcam through OBS to make it 320x240 like the eyetoy. However the result is delayed by like 1-2 seconds so it's pretty much still unplayable. Any ideas?

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Try software rendering. Will lag more but might let you see if it's a weird setting that's required.

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